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Save On Sleep

Sleep Management Institute – Redefining Sleep

More than ever, patients are concerned about spending their healthcare dollars wisely. With the dramatic increase in high deductible plans and a greater interest in reducing overall healthcare costs, patients are now looking for healthcare solutions that provide affordable pricing while still receiving the highest level of excellence in patient care. Sleep Management Institute is the solution.

Up to 75% Savings Over Local Hospital-Based Sleep Centers

Although insurance companies do establish reimbursement for medical services such as sleep studies, they do not reimburse all hospitals/practices equally. Sleep Management Institute’s offering is unique…unmatched quality of care at a price of up to 75% less than local hospital-based sleep centers. Cost savings and quality care has led to our 99% patient satisfaction rate.

Determining the Cost of Your Sleep Study

Sleep Management Institute is the area’s only provider of sleep disorder testing and treatment services that will guide you through both the clinical as well as the insurance and/or financial process. Confident in our transparent patient-centered pricing, we provide you with a price estimate prior to performing your sleep study.

We encourage our patients to make informed decisions by comparing our pricing. Pricing comparison for sleep studies is readily available on many health insurer websites and can also be obtained by contacting your insurance provider.

No Hidden Costs

Sleep study bills from hospital-based sleep centers are often more complex, and many patients do not understand that they may receive two different bills associated with the sleep study. Typically, hospital-based sleep centers will charge a facility fee for the sleep test, while the sleep physicians bill separately for the interpretation of the test. At Sleep Management Institute, our single price estimate includes all services so there are no surprises.

Unmatched Quality

Our number one priority is to provide the area’s best patient care of any sleep disorder facility. This commitment is seen in our Board Certified Sleep Physicians and staff, our equipment, our processes and most importantly, in the improved sleep and overall health of our patients.

Unique to Sleep Management Institute is our sleep equipment, Philips Respironics Alice 6, the latest in diagnostic sleep technology providing us with an in-depth foundation to evaluate your sleep; our PONS™ beds/mattresses, by far the most comfortable and high tech sleep center beds in the Tri-state; our Accreditation from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (headquarters); our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau; our research division, a nationally recognized sleep research site that allows us to provide information and treatments from the forefront of our field; and significantly, our 99% patient satisfaction.

Your Choice

Collaborative communication between you and your personal physician is critical when making decisions about your medical treatment. If you are encouraged or directed to go to a hospital-based sleep center, remember the choice is yours. It may help to proactively ask questions about the care you’ll receive and equally important, the overall cost of the services vs Sleep Management Institute.