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Sleep Studies

Do I need a physician referral?

Unless your insurance requires a referral, Sleep Management Institute does not need a physician referral. You can call our main number, 513-721-7533 to schedule an appointment.

Does insurance cover the sleep study?

We accept most major insurances, Medicare and Medicaid.  You may consider calling your insurance provider to check your benefits.

Will I be sleeping in a hospital environment?

No hospital beds.  No cold tiled floors.  No beeping equipment.  Instead, we’ve created a calm comfortable sleeping environment that will remind you of home and maybe better.  A typical room is arranged with a comfortable queen size bed along with a desk, television and most have a full private bathroom.

Are meals provided?

During an overnight visit, a few light snacks and non-caffeine drinks are available both day and night. If you are staying for a day study (MWT, MSLT), meals will be provided.

What if I have to go to the bathroom?

Do not worry if you need to use the bathroom during a sleep study. Each room is equipped with a hands free intercom.  Let the technician know you need to use the restroom simply by speaking out loud.  Also, since the electrodes wires are all connected to a junction box, they are easily disconnected.  Nearly each bedroom is equipped with a bathroom for your convenience and to ensure your privacy.

Is there someone watching me while I sleep?

There will be a sleep technician monitoring you throughout the sleep study.  The technician’s primary focus is viewing the waveforms of your sleep on the computer monitor.  However, each room is equipped with a camera and when a sleep event occurs (i.e., apnea) the technician will note your sleeping position at the time of the event.

I’ve had my machine for years, how often do I need a follow-up?

We recommend a follow-up visit each year.  During this follow-up visit, your CPAP will be checked for proper functioning and calibration.  In addition, our sleep physician will discuss with you any changes in your health and address any questions you may have.  For example, changes in your weight may require an adjustment to be made in the pressure settings of your CPAP.

CPAP Therapy

Does insurance cover the CPAP?

Almost all insurances cover some part of the CPAP and supplies. You may consider calling your insurance provider to check your benefits.

How often can I get a new mask or CPAP?

Most insurances will pay for a new mask every 3 to 6 months but again this depends on the type of coverage you have. If you have any questions, call your insurance provider or your DME provider for help.

Who do I call with questions regarding my machine, mask or treatment?

If you ever have questions about anything with your treatment, please call either your DME provider or our office.