Sleep Management Institute changed my life for the better. The staff is friendly and professional.    -Karl

Don't take our word that you will enjoy your visit.  Here are comments left by happy patients about their experience at Sleep Management Institute. 

• This was not at all what I was expecting.  My stay here was very enjoyable, almost like a mini-vacation! Jamie

• My overall experience with SMI has been awesome!  With not being able to sleep in so long, it has been comforting to know that I and my health are in good, professional hands.  Thank you!  LaDona

• The rooms are nice, roomy, and comfortable.  Staff has always been nice and pleasant.  Three family members have already been here.  Of course it’s not like home but it is still nice.  Kathy

• Staff is very helpful and knowledgeable.  I’m looking forward to feeling rested every morning.  I believe you can get me there!  Craig

• I am confident that I will have a solution to my sleeping problem with the excellent way the testing was conducted.  Darryl

• I would highly recommend this facility.  It’s very convenient.  The technician on duty was very polite, attentive and caring.  Keith

• I found everything to be of top quality.  I was made to feel very comfortable during my sleep study.  Everything was explained thoroughly.  Becky

• The staff was friendly.  They told you step by step what they were doing, what each probe was for and what they were watching for.  I learned a lot from them.  Thanks!  Teresa

• Compared to previous sleep studies at other localities the room and all amenities were excellent.  The localities here felt homely, not institutional.  Adam

• Everything about the experience was good- the staff here was really great and friendly.  They were professional and considerate.  I’m really glad I’ve had this done.  I slept really good and look forward to improvement in my daily life due to better sleep!  Thank you!  Melodie

• My experience was comparable to a stay at a very good hotel.  Wish all medical testing be like this.  Ron

• Can’t believe the difference I how I feel upon awakening.  Ronda

• Very friendly and professional.  The “suites” made me feel more comfortable than what I expected.  Thanks SMI and well done!  David

• Extremely comfortable and perfect for sleep.  Susan

• Technician was very proficient and extremely knowledgeable about the equipment and her job.  Nancy

• Thank you for a peaceful night.  Charleen

• This experience was so much better than my previous experience at another lab.  I was comfortable and able to move.  Christopher

• I’m glad I finally had a sleep study.  I hope I can now use a machine to help me so I can be more alert and better rested during the day.  Rhonda

• I feel more rested than I have in a long time.  Thanks.  Daniel

• The technician made me feel right at home.  She did a great job answering questions and helping me thru the clinic.  Robert

• I was put at ease immediately and what I thought would be a horrible experience turned out to be very comfortable.  Mike

• The technician was very nice, friendly and sensitive.  She responded quickly to my room when called and explained everything very well.  Robert

• I was very satisfied.   I would recommend this to anyone.  Joyce

• Everything was super!  I could not have been taken care of any better.  The technician was very good and knowledgeable at all times.  Harold

• This facility was the best in so many ways.  I didn’t want to come here at all but my attitude sure changed from the moment I walked in.  Carol

• The staff is extremely friendly and helpful.  I would recommend SMI to anyone.  I have nothing but positive to say.  Thank you.  Milinda

• The rooms and technical staff were far above what I expected.  Thank you for making my stay comfortable and relaxing.  Maria
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