For Patients

You’re not alone.  Of the nearly 70 million Americans who are problem sleepers, about half have a chronic disorder that keeps them from getting the restorative sleep they need.  Just in the Tri-State, Sleep Management Institute has already improved the sleep and health of thousands of people.

Along with providing the area’s highest level of care, we are committed to educating the community on all sleep issues.  We regularly participate in community and business health fairs and various support groups.

You too can help.  Do you know someone who snores, is a restless sleeper, or is excessively tired during the day?  Just have them contact us and we’ll improve their health and increase their energy simply by improving their sleep.

We also recognize that many of the people we see have been referred to us by loyal patients. We would like to thank those patients for their loyalty.  

If you are currently a patient at another sleep lab and would like to become a patient of Sleep Management Institute, please click to go to the page and download the "Authorization to Release Medical Records" then mail it to your current sleep lab.  After receiving your file, we will call you for an appointment.

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